New Feature Releases!

Posted 12 months ago

Dear My PA Network Stakeholders,

We would like to take a moment to share a few new resources which we have released this month:

1) Broadcast Segmentation Improvements

We have added more flexibility and segmentation to the broadcast feature so you can further target and/or refine the audience you're looking to communicate with. You can now choose top-level tiers of membership (Active Members, Expired Members, etc.) and then filter that category down by membership type (Full, Student, Retired, etc.) and/or Subchapter (for associations with chapters or regions).

This gives your organization (especially parent groups sending messages to certain subchapter segments) more flexibility and accuracy in your message delivery. 

2) New “Canceled Tab” for the event registration system

We now show a Cancelled Tab for all event types (Tickets or RSVP) so your association can easily see who canceled their conference or dinner meeting registration. Since only a moderator can cancel a ticket, we show you who canceled and provide a notes section that attaches to the attendee's registration record. For dinner meetings, this is very helpful for repeat offenders that register, only to cancel again and again as their plans change. 

3) Membership Notification Alerts

For associations taking advantage of our complete membership management system, we have added more information to the alert e-mail you can set up to receive when a New Member joins, Existing Member expired or Prospective Member registers but doesn't checkout. The additional information makes it faster to communicate with these members by having more relevant data as well as contact e-mails and phone numbers, on hand.

In addition, this feature can now also be set up so notification e-mails are sent out to chapter/region representatives who are more likely to know the person. For example, if you have regions and a member doesn't renew, the point of contact for perhaps Region #1 could receive this alert vs. just one person on the board.

Your feedback and insight are what help drive our product forward, so please continue to contact us with any questions or feature requests regarding your association’s website. It’s our mission to provide you with the best possible website solution to promote association growth and your continued success!

Thank you for all you do!
The My PA Network Team